Meshelle Mifsud

Age 40, Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting
How ProAnox has helped my Weightlifting career. Six years ago I started CrossFitting, I loved the thought of putting my muscles to work and quickly fell in love with the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. I had always loved lifting weights, and the act of throwing yourself under the bar as quickly as possible added a rush like no other. In 2009 I started working with a lifting coach and in 2010 I opened my own CrossFit gym. Last year I discovered ProAnox and had to give it a try. I had been complaining for months about soreness and thought my age had finally caught up with me. After a couple of weeks on Genesis the results were too good to believe! Soreness was a thing of the past and it allowed me to train like never before. I would have thought that I was crazy or that it was a placebo effect but my husband was taking it as well and having the same results. Since I started Olympic lifting, there has always been a little voice in the back of my head telling me that I was too old, that I would plateau and loose strength, but now I feel just the opposite! At the 2012 CrossFit Regionals I was one of 2 women in the world to make it to the end of the Snatch ladder (ending at 185 lbs), I am a nationally ranked Olympic Weightlifter and hold 7 PWA (Pacific Weightlifting Association) Records (setting 2 just last weekend!). And the best news of all, I keep getting stronger and I owe a huge thank you to ProAnox!

Susan Habbe

Age 51, Crossfit Games 1st Place Masters 45-49
“I started taking ProAnox products April March 2012. Really started feeling better as a whole about a week after beginning with it. I am a crossfitter who is pretty hard on their body and I have battled through various injuries. I am convinced that ProAnox has made it possible for me to bounce back sooner. I highly recommend ProAnox to crossfitters of ALL ages!!!”

Shelley Olds

Olympic Cyclist
“I started using ProAnox in the middle of my cycling season. At a time when I should have felt really tired and worn down, I actually started to feel I had more energy, was recovering better, and felt extremely healthy. Now I use ProAnox to stay healthy and strong despite all the demands I put on my body through the sport.”

Elizabeth Lyles

Professional Triathlete, Racing KONA 2013
“After every major triathlon or marathon I’ve ever competed in, I’ve been sore with limited mobility for a few days post race. For one month before Ironman 70.3 Boulder, I took ProAnox. It was my first competition as a professional and my first exposure to ProAnox. After a series of quality training sessions, I was very happy to place 4th in a stacked field of 18 pro women, finishing as the first American woman. But equally as important, I wasn’t sore during the days following the event. I firmly believe that ProAnox helped boost my training and performance, and obliterate my post-race soreness. As a mother of a four year old and a toddler, and as a spinning instructor, I can’t afford to have downtime caused by soreness. Thanks, ProAnox, for keeping me at the forefront of the competition and feeling better than ever.”

Rocklin Crossfit

“We’d like to say a special thank you to ProAnox…two weeks after the CrossFit Games, Rocklin Crossfit headed back for the WOD Gear Competition in LA. After a day battling it out with some of CrossFits top competitors, we walked away with 1st place! We attribute much of our success (and ability to turn around after the biggest competition of the year and do another two weeks later!) to ProAnox and their amazing products which have significantly increased our performance, endurance and recovery time. Thank you for your support and incredible products!”

Neal Maddox

“Last year when I was training, I felt really held down. Some days I would come out and be like man, I am beat up. Since I have been taking ProAnox, I don’t know what the younger guys are feeling but now that I am older I can tell the affects it is having on my body. I can tell that my recovery is better, I am not as beat up, and I am able to hit the wods at the same intensity. As for last year I would have to hold back and another day where I would had to go harder. This year, I am not getting sick while last year I was sick a lot. My body feels better overall when I am working out. Is ProAnox helping me? Yes, I believe that it is. It is benefiting me in a lot of ways. I do believe that is a good supplement and recommend it to a lot of people my age.”

Golden State Warriors

NBA, Golden State Warriors and a number of NBA players, for the last two seasons Proanox Biogenesis, has been requested by the Warriors and players. Recovery is critical for NBA players especially during season. We are proud of the Warriors season and have been told they will continue next season with Proanox Biogenesis.

Rob Meighan

Age 51, Endurance cyclist
On May 4 of this year I competed in the Boggs Mtn. 8 hour enduro in the solo expert 50 yr. old class. Having won it two yrs. prior, Finishing 4th last year I set a goal of top step for 2013. By chance I met Jerry Breen in Los Gatos and he introduced me to Biogenesis and the endurance product lines. My training 12 weeks prior to the event included 15-18 hrs. a week mounting biking with the average of 3-6 hrs. each ride and from 4k-8k vertical. I noticed right away that the soreness from all the vertical climbing was gone after 20 minutes of a warm-up. The easy/recovery rides turned into longer rides without the fatigue of days past. There was never a moment during this 8 hr. 30 minute effort tha I felt fatigue, Muscle soreness and or cramping of any kind. The product is top shelf and I can only tell you my experience of this product. This is the product for endurance athletes. Find it, Buy it and set a goal. Thanks to Jerry Breens and his staff.

US Army Ranger Candidate

“Since I started my crazy regimen to prepare myself for ARMY RANGER SCHOOL the only thing I kept asking myself is ‘how am I going to recover with little pain in such a short amount of time?’ I came to you early and asked about Recovery and if your team could help! My training has something new everyday pushing my limits far past the edge and most of the time falling off only to be caught by a sea of self doubt. I put my body through torture day in and day out, and the pain is at a new level every square inch of the way. I 100% have to say that ProAnox has giving me the opportunity at 34 to train like a young man again and recovery at rates exceeding my wildest dreams, if it’s mental then brother your product is mentally WORKING TOO! Team ProAnox keep up the great work ”

Melia Barnum

Age 59, Crossfit, Ironman, Triathlon; Cancer Survivor
“ProAnox has made a huge impact on my quality of life. I am a 1&1/2 year breast cancer survivor and I’ve been doing CrossFit since mid 2011. Prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, I was an endurance athlete. I completed four Ironmans, five Half-Ironmans, and numerous Olympic and sprint distance triathlons. After completing my cancer treatment I needed a change. CrossFit was what I was looking for. Part of the continuing treatment for my cancer consists of daily medication. One of the side effects of this medication can be muscle soreness and joint pain. My lower back and hip were especially affected. Sleep was next to impossible because laying in bed was so painful. As well, CrossFit also increased the muscle soreness and pain that I was feeling. My daughter, who is also a CrossFit enthusiast, recommended ProAnox. I was truly desperate and willing to try anything for relief. After 3 days of taking ProAnox my muscle soreness and pain were almost completely gone. After one month I no longer ache and I have more energy. I’m able to train harder and can do back to back CrossFit workouts. Before ProAnox I needed a day off in-between workouts for recovery. I am thankful for ProAnox because now I can do CrossFit three times per week, trail run three days and swim at least one day of the week and still have energy to spare.”

Chyna Cho

“I use to get really sore and by Wednesday I was wrecked. I couldn’t stand up but once about a week in on the ProAnox, I felt like it was Monday on Saturday. ”

Ron Gellis

Crossfit Games Athlete
“Since I have started using ProAnox supplements I recover faster, feel less post-WOD soreness and inflammation as well as having more energy throughout the day.”

Rebecca Voigt

3rd place at 2011 Reebok Crossfit Games
“At first I didn’t feel much of a difference. After a few days of dosing it, I started to notice I wasn’t as sore as well as my back pain was gone from heavy Olympic lifting days. Whatever it is doing, it is working.”

Linsey Valenzuela

2013 Crossfit Games 2nd Place
“I have always had a sensitive stomach to supplements. I saw Rebecca Voigt take it at Valley and when I won a packet at the NLI event, I gave it a try and loved it. ”

Katie Hogan

2011 Reebok Crossfit Games Athlete
“You don’t feel anything as it is happening. Most supplements I feel dizziness or nausea. With ProAnox I don’t feel any side affects. What I do notice is my performance and recovery. Ok the workouts over, what’s next?”

Trixie Bustamante

2012 Crossfit Games Contender
“I feel good. I take my rest days, but my body feels good day after day after day so I have to force myself to take a rest day.”
Shannon Tipton, RN
“The first thing I noticed is my recovery is faster, and just feel great. I can come back and train harder day after day. I have not taken Advil since starting ProAnox”

Freddie Camacho

Crossfit One World: 2011 1st Place Norcal 40’s
CrossFit Games Master’s Division 45-49, 2011, 2012
“It has been two weeks since the ProAnox Extreme product rack showed up at One World. Five One World trainers started taking the product. I can honestly tell you that I believe it does exactly what it says it is going to do. I train hard. Chyna trains twice as hard as I do. We have both noticed that we are way less sore than normal. For me, I’ll take it one step further. Not only do I feel better physically, I feel much better emotionally too. I’m sleeping better. I’m less sore. My knee is feeling way better. I am enjoying training again.”
Brandon Morrison

Lift Big Eat Big

“I first heard about ProAnox after reading the results that the Wonder Couple had from Crossfit One World. I began taking it in the beginning of December, which coincided perfectly with my hard month of Powerlifting/Strongman/Olympic programming. ProAnox is an antioxidant & inflammation-reducing supplement, and according to ProAnox, there are 4 main ingredients in the supplement that make it such an excellent product. The ProAnox is what allowed me to hit my training hard continuously throughout December. Without it, I probably would not have been able to go for PR’s every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for my variety of training methods. The directions are simple to follow: one package in the morning and one package in the afternoon. I ordered a months supply and have fantastic results with the product. Along with the decreased DOMS, aches in my joints seemed to vanish along with increased energy and focus during training. I am recommending ProAnox to my clients with inflammatory problems, achy joints, or anyone who just wants improved recovery times and overall health”

Chris Kulp

Age 61, Crossfit Master Rank: 2nd After Open 1.12,
College Professor and Alpine Mountain Climber
“How’s this for evidence of the anti-inflammatory properties of ProAnox anti-oxidants? Several days ago I did two hard workouts: Workout #1 involved a total of 45 thrusters (floor to a squatting position, then stand up and push the bar overhead, back to squatting position, repeat) plus a bunch of rope climbs (each 2 ft. higher than what is usually regarded as regulation). Then, with only a short rest, I did Workout #2, which among other things involved a total of 75 CrossFit Games regulation hand-release pushups (lie on the floor, push up to full extension, then back to floor, lift hands off floor, repeat). Both workouts were done for time, going as hard as I could go. After finishing the second workout, my arms felt like noodles. Together, these two workouts are brutal on the triceps and pectoral muscles. The result? 24 hours later: no soreness. 48 hours later: barely any detectable soreness, virtually nothing. Anyone who doesn’t find this remarkable is, in all due respect, simply uncomprehending. I’m just stunned by it. Before going on ProAnox, I assure you that the consequences of these two workouts would have been very different indeed!

Dr. Terry Schroeder

Age 51, 4 Time Olympian (2 Silver Medals), Water Polo,
Head Coach for 2008 Silver Medal Olympic Team,
National Team Coach and Competitor
“I have felt like I have more endurance and stamina. I have been working out on a pretty good routine for the past few years and I do feel as though I have a little more gas in the tank – especially at the end of the day. I have noticed that my breathing has been slightly easier during my trainings. I have been sleeping very well and waking up feeling ready to go just about every day. Thank you for letting me try your product. I do believe that this is something that could help our Olympic team prepare and win the gold in London.”

Skip Getz

Age 48. Former Top-Level Amateur Bicycle Racer,
Ultra-Marathon Trail Runner, Big-Wall
Rock Climber & Brain Tumor Survivor.
Current Avid Cyclist and Trail Runner.
“Prior to taking ProAnox, I was having a lot of difficulty getting a full breath, especially when climbing hard on my bike. My surgeon had told me that this was probably the outcome of my two, very long brain surgeries. Well, after a few weeks of taking ProAnox I was breathing easy again and flying on the bike. I also experienced a significant increase in endurance and power (WATTS).. These nutrients have also sped up my recovery time a ton.. I’ve been taking ProAnox for more than 4 months now and I continue to experience improvements in all the areas I’ve mentioned. My wife tells me my skin looks much better too.”

Dr Karen Chaudry

“I started crossfit a year ago and love it. However I was getting occasional DOMS and other aches and pains so decided to take the plunge and take some ProAnox. I am a little skeptical about some of the sports supplements on the market. As a doctor, I find the literature/trials to support their usage can be thin on the ground. However reading around ProAnox I felt it was worth trying it. Wow – within 3 days I really felt the difference. Aches and pains non existent and where I would have anticipated getting DOMS – none. So I’ve now taken it for 3 months and don’t look back. I’m not an elite athlete by a long stretch of the imagination – a 46 year old woman although I train 5-6 days a week.”