ProAnox BioGenesis. One product-multiple results. The only thing that will hurt is your feet- from kicking so much ass.

BioGenesis is rapidly becoming one of the top supplements for UK CrossFit Athletes. Don’t just take take our word for it, here’s what they have to say:

Laura Cullen:

2016 Meridian Regionals Competitor with Team 8020 Black.

Age: 28
Country: Northern Ireland
Sport: CrossFit Athlete
Box: CrossFit 8020

Laura is heavily involved in the UK and Irish CrossFit scene. After discovering CrossFit in 2013, during her year of travelling throughout the United States, she became hooked on what the sport not only involves but what it represents. While training out of CrossFit 8020 in Northern Ireland alongside a dedicated team of coaches and competitive athletes, she made her debut into the Crossfit competition scene in 2015, playing a key part of the winning team at ‘The filthy 150’ (Ireland’s biggest and most competitive team CrossFit event) and also showed her diversity as an athlete taking first individually in the Irish Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Meet. Over and above this, Laura has a BA in Physical Education and has been involved in the industry for 10 years – we could go on but suffice to say, she’s an inspiring individual and a huge asset to the BioGenesis Team.

Here’s what Laura has to say about BioGenesis:

“I started taking biogenesis during this year’s CrossFit Open season. Within the first week of taking the supplement I noticed that my body was recovering faster than usual and as a result my overall performance improved. During a time when I should have been feeling sore and tired I actually started to feel reduced doms and had way more energy, this enabled me to stay strong both physically and mentally throughout the 5 week competition period. Put simply…. It works !!”



Craig Punton:

Craig at the 2015 Athlete Games

2016 Meridian Regionals Competitor with Team CrossFit East Kilbride

Age: 35
Country: Scotland
Sport: CrossFit Athlete
Box: CrossFit East Kilbride

Craig Punton was the first athlete we sponsored in the UK and since then both he and ProAnox BioGenesis have gone from strength to strength. Craig’s record on the UK CrossFit scene is formidable – a 2 time winner of the Elite Rocket Division at the Rainhill Trials, winner of the 2014 Thorium Throwdown, he has competed at both the Athlete Games and the British Championships. 2016, however, is really proving to be Craig’s year; in January he and Liam Holborn won the Scottish Functional Fitness Championships as Team ProAnox and later this month he will make his first appearance at the CrossFit Games Meridian Regional as part of the CrossFit East Kilbride team. It’s an absolute privilege to have Craig as a BioGenesis Athlete – he’s one of the nicest guys we know and despite all his success he remains incredibly humble

Here’s what Craig has to say about BioGenesis:

ProAnox Athlete Craig Punton

“I really enjoy the benefits of the products, I just feel so much better recovered when using them and notice a big difference if I have missed a few days. I highly recommend it to all.”




Athlete Games copy Kate McCall:

 2016 Meridian Regionals Individual Competitor 

Age: 27
City: Derby
Sport: CrossFit Athlete
Box: Crossfit Derby 

We’re delighted to welcome Kate McCall onboard as a BioGenesis Athlete. Kate is a fantastic athlete and will be competing at this year’s CrossFit Meridian Regional in the Individual Women’s category after finishing 41st in Europe and 12th in the UK. Kate has been CrossFitting for 2 and a half years. Her background is in Athletics – she was a 400m runner, competing for Derby AC. Over the last 12 to 18 months she has focused primarily on Crossfit. It’s clear to us that this is paying off! Aside from the amazing achievement of making it to Regionals, Kate’s other successes include 5th at Battle of the Beasts, 18th at Athlete Games, 2nd Place in Wild West Winter Slam (3 girl team), and most recently 2nd Place in Battle of Britain! It’s a privilege to be working with Kate and wish her all the best for the Meridian CrossFit Regionals.

Here’s what Kate has to say about BioGenesis:



“I’m excited to try out this product, I am a little bit sketchy about taking certain supplements but BioGenisis it is completely natural so looking forward to the benefits of adding this into my diet, particularly to aid my recovery.”




Liam Holborn:

Liam Holborn 2

Age: 35
Town: Berwick Upon Tweed, UK
Sport: CrossFit Athlete
Box: Tweed CrossFit

Coming from a professional MMA background, Liam is relatively new to CrossFit – only starting training in November 2013 and 2014 was his first competitive year. Since then he has made a huge impact on the UK CrossFit scene; representing Scotland at the Inov8 4 Nations, qualifying for Battle of the Beasts and, qualifying in the top 20 for the 2015 Athlete Games – finishing 24th overall. You can find Liam on Instagram via his Box account TWEED_CROSSFIT. 2016 is already proving to be a great one for Liam, he finished the CrossFit Open in 8th place in the UK and 55th in Europe. Over and above this, he and Craig Punton won the Scottish Functional Fitness Championships as Team ProAnox. It’s an absolute honour to be associated with him.

Here’s what Liam has to say about ProAnox products:

ProAnox Athlete Liam Holborn at the 2015 Athlete Games

“I have always trained two or three times a day but since taking ProAnox BioGenesis and BioComplete I can now hit all my sessions with the same intensity and recover far better between them.”





Sam Parkin: Sam2

Age: 24
City: Pontefract
Sport: CrossFit Athlete & Bouldering
Box: His garage 

We’re delighted to introduce BioGenesis Athlete, Sam Parkin. Sam is an exceptional addition to the ProAnox BioGenesis team and is having an outstanding start to 2016. Sam’s background was in rugby, playing for Wakefield Wildcats between the age of 18 and 21. He then went on to discover CrossFit and hasn’t looked back since – finishing the 2016 CrossFit Open in 126th in Europe and 25th in the UK. His first competition was the 2014 Thorium Throwdown, where he qualified for the final. Since then he has gone on to win the Scale the Heights Leeds semi-final and the subsequent Final in Manchester’s CrossFit 3D. Over the past year Sam has qualified for both the Athlete Games and British Championships and on both occasions finished higher than he qualified. At this year’s Battle of Britain, Sam finished an impressive 5th overall and at the Bodypower Games, Sam was part of the 4th place ‘X-Men’ where he hit a 150kg Clean & Jerk along the way. We’re incredibly excited to be working with Sam. Moving forward, he’s a name to watch!

Here’s what Sam has to say about BioGenesis:Sam1

“After just one week I started to feel the benefits, in recovery and energy in a workout! I would highly recommend the product and it is perfect for someone like me who can only train on an evening!”





Rhian Pearson:

Age: 35Athlete Games copy
Country: England
Sport: CrossFit Athlete
Box: CrossFit WestMids

Most recently, Rhian finished 5th overall in the Women’s Masters at the Athens Throwdown – she’s a fantastic athlete and real asset to the ProAnox team. You can follow her on Instagram by looking for RHIP32 .

Here’s what Rhian has to say about BioGenesis:



“Before using BioGenesis I always suffered from bad DOMs in my quads, especially after a hard training session or competition and would feel very drained and tired. Since taking BioGenesis my resting heart rate has dropped, I recover quicker and have more energy meaning I can keep training hard and for longer even after competing.”



Holly Roderick:

Age: 24 Holly Roderick
Country: West Wales
Sport: CrossFit Athlete & Weightlifter
Box: Crossfit SA1

This is Holly Roderick, you can find her on Instagram as ROD16H. Holly is another inspirational female athlete in the ProAnox BioGenesis camp, this year she competed in the Individual Women’s division at the Battle of Britain – winning the Snatch Speed Ladder by over 20 seconds and coming a fantastic 3rd overall. At the recent 2016 Bodypower Games, Holly was a member of the overall winners – Team Spartan Fit – hitting a 102.5kg pb clean & jerk along the way! It’s a pleasure to have you onboard, Holly.

Holly began using BioGenesis to help reduce post training DOMs and fatigue that limited her training.

Here’s what she has to say about BioGenesis:

“After only 2 weeks of using biogenesis i noticed an improved level and speed of recovery with very limited DOMs, allowing me to hard at 100% again the next day. Also felt improved levels of energy throughout a full day in work and then for training in the evening.”


Bethany Roots:


Age: 25Beth3
Country: England
Sport: CrossFit Athlete
Box: CrossFit A14

 Meet Bethany Roots. She has competed at the Rainhill Trials, most recently making the final in the elite Rocket Division earlier this year, Tribal Clash, Wild West, European Inferno, and the British Championships. Aside from getting married later this month, Beth has a hectic summer of competing ahead of her – with Wild West, One for the People, and Tribal Clash all in a few short months. She is the affiliate holder at CrossFit A14 and a real asset to BioGenesis, certainly a name to watch in the coming years.

Here’s what Beth has to say about BioGenesis:

Beth2 copy



“Any athlete, regardless of their sport, should try BioGenesis. For me, BioGenesis took my training to another level and I’m sure it will get you there too.”



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